NYAN#1: Coach Intros + Hitting

nyan Jan 15, 2024

Last week we intro’d all the coaches and broke down a swing that was posted in the community!

It was a ton of fun. We’d love to have you tomorrow!

(We meet live on zoom every Tuesday at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST)

*The zoom link is in the NYAB Community (join at nyabaseball.com/community)

Top Highlights From Last Call:

  1. Film from 2 views (offense/defense): Front + Side
  2. Don’t let your knees get over your toes in your hitting stance
  3. Watch good videos before games, send bad videos to coaches

Top Videos of the Week:

  1. How far can you throw a baseball? - @coach.rac
  2. Mastering the chain reaction of the swing - @ianjenkins_hitting
  3. Backhanding the low pitch - @catchingmadesimple

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  2. Join the coaching call tomorrow at 5 PST / 8 EST (link in community)
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